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Chowhound City Guides

Chowhound City Guides are a video and article series shining the spotlight on neighborhoods in worldwide cities. Our editorial staff produced videos featuring up and coming restaurants in six cities. I worked closely with editorial, sales and product to produce a beautiful and scalable package to display each city, including a landing page, city hub and individual guide pages - a product that we feel has some major longevity potential on Chowhound.


City guides seemed like a natural product transition for us - hitting on everything we're good at: community + editorial, restaurant recommendations (both off-the-beaten path and mainstream suggestions). We had 2 days to concept a product package to pitch to the client for $1 million, focusing on building a suite that is easily re-sellable but also enhances the Chowhound experience. 

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Utilizing our recently launched maps and feature products, we were able to avoid starting from scratch and cut down on production time, still while creating a beautiful suite of pages. 


Final Outcome


Landing Page

Meant as a jumping off point, this eye candy beautifully displayed a sexy little animated SVG of the city skyline, the six cities with a little blurb upon hover, drawing the user into the product.


City Hub

The City Hub combined the Google-sponsored video, a callout to access the guide, discussions about the city from around the Chowhound community and a collection of features written by our very own influencers.

Guide Page and Video

Our full guide utilized our Features content type, but included the sponsored video, interactive map with places discussed in the video and guide, and a detailed guide to the selected neighborhood.